Based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Micah Mortgage Services, Inc. (“MICAH”) was founded in 2002 by its principals, Rick Boggus and Teresa Jones. The owners boast over 60 years of combined experience in the banking, finance, mortgage, investment banking and regulatory industry and have established MICAH’s reputation through quality performance and personal attention to clients, offering a unique blend of experience, client relationships, and excellence in service not often found in today’s market. This has led to MICAH becoming a preferred contractor with the FDIC, successfully obtaining and satisfactorily fulfilling numerous contracts since 2008, highlighting such services as bank receivership assistance, financial management and reporting, and financial advisory valuations.

Rick Boggus presides as president of MICAH. He has extensive experience in multiple areas of banking/real estate. His career has included a bank presidency, FDIC senior management team, and presidency of another mortgage/banking service oriented business. His 38 years of industry experience in lending, loan documentation, problem loan resolution and regulatory matters has been an invaluable resource to MICAH’s many clients.

Teresa Jones has over 30 years of professional experience including project/department management, loan operations, asset management, disposition strategies, document preparation/recording, title abstracts and analysis, and a myriad of other industry related experience running the gamut of the mortgage/banking sector. Her irreproachable work ethic and commitment to quality are paramount to MICAH’s professional reputation and exemplify the heart and character of the business.

Micah Mortgage Services, Inc.